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What our customers are saying

"Attendance has never been better and I'm paying $15 a night to play hockey instead of $100 or more. 20Skaters is saving me a ton of money, and making it a whole lot easier to organize the weekly scrimmage."

"Brydon and Eric at 20Skaters have been awesome. Their product has saved me countless hours, it has simplified the process of collecting money, and it has ensured a better turnout for us overall at our games this year."

"20Skaters makes game confirmation easy - I enjoy being able to respond on my mobile, it cuts down on email and I can also see who is else is coming. Organizing and responding to organized hockey should be this easy"

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How does 20Skaters make pickup hockey awesome?

Two Full Lines

We keep your attendance consistent which reduces costs for everyone while ensuring you aren’t playing 4 on 4 or running 3 full lines per bench.

Need subs? We can help you out with that too. And no, we won't put goons in your game.

Easy Payment Collection

Your skaters pay you ahead of time, eliminating any cash at the rink but most importantly reducing your risk and ensuring your skaters actually attend. For players, you pay as you play instead of paying whole season fees.

Save Time

You no longer have to email, text, or phone skaters every week. No more tracking payments and attendance on your phone or clipboard. No more Excel spreadsheets. We automate all aspects of inviting and reminding your skaters while tracking all payments on your behalf.

The Old Way

  • Book and pay upfront for your rink time
  • Phone, email, sms, Facebook until you have two goalies committed.
  • Phone, email, sms, Facebook to invite skaters.
  • Follow up phone calls, emails, and text messages to remind people.
  • Get enough skaters to "promise" they'll show up.
  • Head to the rink and wait and see how many skaters actually show up.
  • Play hockey with the 12 skaters who didn't bail last minute.
  • After the game, collect cash from skaters who remembered their wallet (and cash!).
  • Listen to complaints that more skaters would improve the game.
  • Start the process all over again.

The 20Skaters Way

  • Book your rink time.
  • Add your game to 20Skaters.
  • Get paid.
  • Play hockey!

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How 20Skaters
Saves You Money

How many skaters are you averaging per game? 15? 16? 17? If you're getting anything less than 20, the game is more expensive for everyone.

Use our simple calculator below to see how much 20Skaters can save you.

Your cost per skater is $15.
your cost per skater is $20.

That's a difference of $5 every game.

If you're not collecting from those who don't show up, and continue to charge $15, you're losing $1500 a season.

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